American Legion Membership

There are 3 types of American Legion Memberships:

Regular American Legion Membership

Sons of the American Legion

American Legion Auxiliary

The Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary membership information is under their tabs on this site.

Regular American Legion Membership:

We invite you to become a member of Post 134!

If you are on active duty today or have served during any eligible war eras, you are a veteran and you’re eligible to become a Legionnaire!

We're veterans just like you, who care about America, veterans and their families and our nation's youth. The Legion is a powerful voice in government dedicated to preserving the rights we've all earned - and were promised - by service to our nation in uniform.

We invite you to join us now. Membership brings an impressive array of benefits. The American Legion is always there for you and your family - in Washington and nearly 15,000 local posts throughout America and abroad. Just like you, we're "Still Serving America!"

As a legion member you are entitled to many benefits such as:

Whole life & incidental death insurance, Simplified Issue Term Insurance, TRICARE Supplement, Health & Dental Insurance, Discount Prescription Drug Program, Travel Discounts, Financial Services, and many more.

If you would like to become a member of Shades Valley Post 134, please click here for an application.  

(Please note that this application will open in Adobe Format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free at